Naturally Aged Wood Flooring Orange County

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring
Donar Oak
Medallion Collection
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 on August 30, 2016


Naturally Aged Wood Flooring is a company in Orange County providing many different types of wood. one series in particular that I love is the Medallion Collection. The Medallion Collection is one of the newest, and best selling collections featuring 20 different styles of 7 ½” French Oak product featuring a sawn, 3MM ware layer with no maintenance required, and a UV polyurethane finish. Lightly wire brushed, with a mixture of colors, and character grades. Another attribute is that this is very reasonably priced. Now days with French Oak being very popular, a lot of manufacturer’s are charging an arm and a leg.

Here is a photo of a wood flooring job in Corona Del Mar that we just finished with The Medallion Collection, color: Donar Oak

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring

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