Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Laguna Niguel

Here at California Flooring Service, we specialize in Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation(LVF). You will hear it called Luxury Vinyl Planks or LVP as well. Not all are create equal. Now being down at the front line and seeing what products are better than others I can tell you that we are pleased to promote Provenza’s MaxCore LVP 100% Waterproof flooring line, which includes two beautiful floor collections that feature state-of-the-art LVP technology that results in a highly durable, 100% WATERPROOF flooring product that stands up to your lifestyle while also achieving a real wood grain effect.

Provenza MaxCore Waterproof LVP floor collections are durable, scratch, stain and fade resistant, easy to clean and maintain, hypoallergenic and perfect for busy households with pets, children and daily traffic.

I would like to point out that in my opinion these types of flooring can still scratch under the right circumstances, but for the most part they are scratch resistant.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a product that before installed it is super crucial that the sub floor be prepped perfectly. There is no cutting corners on this aspect. So whoever installs this type of flooring for you, insist upon and also pay a little extra to make sure your sub floor has high spots ground down and low spots filled in with a self leveling underlayment (SLU)

Luxury Vinyl FlooringThis is Provenza’s Uptown Chic Haute Pepper. I think it’s a really good looking floor. It has a real wood texture with an aluminum oxide ceramic bead technological finish.

So when looking for a Luxury Vinyl Flooring, take a look at Provenza’s Uptown Chic and you may find it to be the perfect product for your home. Call me today for a consultation and more info on this product.


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