Looking For Tile Installation Contractor In Laguna Niguel, Ca?

Tile installation contractor in Laguna Niguel, Ca should not be a very difficult problem. California Flooring Service has been serving the area for over 18 years. We install every inch of your flooring with pride and professionalism.

The new hottest tile trend is the wood look porcelain tile. This particular flooring looks amazing and can add a tremendous value to your home. We have installed thousands and thousands of square feet of this flooring and needs to be installed correctly. We install with 1/16th grout lines and we seal all grout lines. We install in a beautiful staggered pattern that resembles wood flooring without worrying about dents in the wood or fading from the sun. The wood look tile is an awesome way to go.

For a tile installation contractor in Laguna Niguel, call us today at 949-716-6611

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