Installing Tile Over Tile

Tile Primer
Tile Primer
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 on August 29, 2016


Priming existing tile to install new tile over it.

I get asked time and time again, “Is installing tile over old tile ok?” The answer is no. If you do not want to go through the expense of tile demolition and deal with all the dust and have your project take longer than than you would like, then I have an answer for you. There is a great new product out there, not really new to us flooring contractors but fairly new to the public. It’s a primer by one of my favorite company’s in the flooring industry and it allows us to roll over your existing tile and within 1 hour we can start installing new tile. AMAZING!!

so if you are looking to do a quick bathroom, kitchen, or even complete tile floor remodel, this may be an option worth exploring. Call me today at 949-716-6611 for a FREE over the phone consultation to discuss if this may be the approach needed for your project.

Primer for Tile Orange County Tile Contractor 949-716-6611

Primer for Tile Orange County Tile Contractor 949-716-6611


Topic: Installing Tile Over Existing Tile

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