Hypoallergenic Carpet For Your Home

If you are a concerned consumer and care about what kind of carpet is in your home and your family is living on, then you might want to check out this new hypoallergenic carpet from Mohawk called Air.O

Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes making it hypoallergenic, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Air.o’s easy to clean and its unique, unified construction provides better airflow, releasing more dust and dirt with each vacuum than with carpet installed with traditional padding. Air.o’s carpet has the padding attached and therefore traditional installation methods for carpet have been revolutionized. No more toxic seaming tape that requires the use of an iron to melt the glue and do the seams.

hypoallergenic carpet

Hypoallergenic Carpet

Air.o’s Inherent stain resistance, superior soil protection, and durable construction make Air.o Unified Soft Flooring the perfect choice for a long-lasting and beautiful floor for your home. Simply put, Air.o is built to last, and Mohawk Carpet as the warranties to back it up.

Lastly, Air.o’s carpet fiber is created using advanced polymers. With no latex or harmful VOCs, your hypoallergenic carpet is safe and odor-free.

I really feel this carpet is going to change the way people think about carpet in the home. If hypoallergenic and 0 VOC carpet is something that you may be interested in, then contact me today at 949-716-6611 to set up an in home or showroom consultation.

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