Hardwood Floors Can Help People Living with Asthma and Allergies

Hard flooring surfaces are allergy sufferer friendly. Allergens like pet dander and dust tend to build up in carpet and even with frequent vacuuming, the allergens can still be there. Those allergens don’t have as many hiding places in hardwood floors. Read More Here

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Battling allergies starts in the home
San Antonio Express-News, on Thu, 16 Apr 2015 07:39:55 -0700

When possible, choose hard-surface floors such as wood or tile, said Dr. Patricia Gomez Dinger, owner of Advanced Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center in San Antonio. “If you have to make a decision between having carpet and not having carpet, not …

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Flooring: Given the client’s allergies, the architect passed on carpets and other soft surfaces that attract allergens and pollutants, and opted instead for terrazzo floors – which don’t off-gas – in the kitchen and living areas. The most radical change came in the bedroom, where he replaced old dust-collecting carpets with stylish concrete floors, using a finish called Milestone. “It’s a top coating that allows us to bring in a custom color and has a mottled finish, so it has some depth to it,” he says. “It’s a very interesting floor surface.” More Info Here


From my experience removing the carpet and padding in your home and installing hardwood floors can definitely ease allergies in your family. Customers have reported breathing better and sleeping better after the carpet was removed. Also the carpet can harbor germs and particulates that can cause you to be ill and you never even know. So in my opinion if you have a sensitive body to particulants I would suggest installing hardwood floors.

Topic: Hardwood Floors Can Help People Living with Asthma and Allergies

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