Installing Tile Over Tile

ProductTile PrimerTypeTile PrimerReviewed byTheFloorPro on August 29, 2016RatingPriceSummaryPriming existing tile to install new tile over it.I get asked time and time again, “Is installing tile over old tile ok?” The answer is no. If you do not want to go through the expense of tile demolition and deal with all the dust and have your project take […]

Perfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In Orange County

ProductPerfect Carpet For Selling Your Home VersionRoyalty CarpetType100% Nylon 6Reviewed byTheFloorPro on March 7, 2016RatingPrice$2.99SummaryPerfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In Orange County- Are you selling your home in Orange County, Ca and looking for an inexpensive carpet to put in your home? Well I have the perfect carpet for you.Perfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In […]

European Oak That Will Not Break The Bank!

ProductProvenza Heirllom Collection Wood FlooringVersionThe Heirlom CollectionTypeWire Brushed Hardwood FlooringReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 29, 2016RatingPrice$5.99SummaryThe Heirloom Collection are wire brushed, hand scraped, hand distressed, carbonized and smoked floors with a naturally beautiful UV Cured Oil finish. Heirloom… truly elegant hardwood floors for your homeEuropean Oak That Will Not Break The Bank! The latest in wood flooring trends […]

Hardwood Flooring Installation In Orange County, Ca

ProductReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 26, 2016RatingPriceSummaryInstalling Hardwood Flooring In Orange County, Ca Hardwood Flooring can be a relatively simple home improvement project even for a novice homeowner in Orange County, Ca. Focus on putting tile in your kitchen and bathrooms and replace your carpet with hardwood flooring. Home improvement stores have a wealth of information about how […]

QuickStep Reclaimé Collection Product Review | Quickstep Reclaime Collection

ProductQuikStep Reclaimé Laminate FlooringVersionReclaimé TypeLaminate FlooringReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 24, 2016RatingPrice$2.99SummaryReclaimé is the newest collection of laminate flooring planks from QuickStep. Let the time worn charm of Reclaimé Laminate planks remind you of vintage flooring planks with both its texture and unique appearance.The QuikStep Reclaimé Collection features the visual charm of a time-worn, reclaimed hardwood floor. Choose […]

Arizona Tile Savannah Honey Porcelain Wood Look Tile

ProductArizona Tile Savannah HoneyVersion8″ x 40″TypePorcelain Wood Look TileReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 23, 2016RatingPrice$5.60SummaryThe Savannah Series is a rectified color body porcelain. This tile is absolutely beautiful and looks amazingly real. It is the synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic research. Giving the appearance of visual perfection and the elegance of clean, welcoming ambiances, the Savannah […]

Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring are Cancerous, CDC Report Finds

ProductLaminate Flooring Lumber LiquidatorsTypeLaminate FlooringProduct AuthorLumber Liquidators Laminate FlooringReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 22, 2016RatingPriceSummaryAccording to the newer report, the CDC estimated that the risk of cancer from being exposed to the company’s laminate flooring, which contain formaldehyde, was six to 30 cases per 100,000 peopleLumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring are Cancerous, CDC Report Finds Counsel & Heal, on […]

Hire Only Licensed Flooring Contractors In Orange County

ProductReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 17, 2016RatingPriceSummaryHire Only Licensed Flooring Contractors In Orange County Add Value To Your Home With These Home Improvement Tips Anyone needs a little advice in home improvement, even if you are a professional. There are just those projects that you may not be 100% sure of, or techniques that you don’t know about. […]

Hardwood Floors Can Help People Living with Asthma and Allergies

ProductReviewed byTheFloorPro on February 12, 2016RatingPriceSummaryHard flooring surfaces are allergy sufferer friendly. Allergens like pet dander and dust tend to build up in carpet and even with frequent vacuuming, the allergens can still be there. Those allergens don’t have as many hiding places in hardwood floors. Read More Here Battling allergies starts in the home San Antonio […]

Hardwood Floors Orange County Showroom

Hardwood Floors Orange County Showroom

ProductHardwood Floors Orange County ShowroomReviewed byJason Ramsay on February 10, 2016RatingPrice$2500.00 – $25000.00SummaryHardwood Floors Orange County Showroom 949-716-6611 APPOINTMENT ONLY!Hardwood Floors Orange County Showroom  Call Now! APPOINTMENT ONLY! 949-716-6611   Hardwood Floors If you have an older home, you may find that there are hardwood floors underneath any carpeting currently installed. Many homes prior to 1950s were […]