Hypoallergenic Carpet For Your Home

If you are a concerned consumer and care about what kind of carpet is in your home and your family is living on, then you might want to check out this new hypoallergenic carpet from Mohawk called Air.O Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes making it hypoallergenic, […]

Acoustic Performance For Wood Flooring

When looking for an acoustic performance option under your wood flooring there are many different types of underlayments to choose from, from rubber to cork and other synthetics. Choosing the right one can make all the difference. I would like to discuss an amazing new option from Sika Flooring Products called AcouBond System. Here at […]

Epoxy Garage Floor Laguna Niguel

Epoxy garage floors in Laguna Niguel is just a phone call away. We specialize in epoxy floors for garages. Imagine having a beautiful, new Epoxy garage floor installed in one day and driving on it the next day. That can be a reality from California Flooring Service. We use Roll on Rock® revolutionary garage floor […]

Dragon Skin Anti Fracture Membrane

Installing an anti fracture membrane and waterproofing skin over your sub floor can make all the difference in the world to a lasting tile floor installation. At California Flooring Service we use Dragon Skin from Siena. Below I will discuss a little bit about the anti fracture/waterproofing product. Siena Dragon Skin is a premium, ready […]

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring Orange County

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring is a company in Orange County providing many different types of wood. one series in particular that I love is the Medallion Collection. The Medallion Collection is one of the newest, and best selling collections featuring 20 different styles of 7 ½” French Oak product featuring a sawn, 3MM ware layer […]

Marazzi Wood Look Tile Orange County

We just installed this Marazzi wood Look Tile in an Orange County House. The material is 9″ x 36″ and I have to say it looks absolutely amazing. Marazzi tile has a show room in Anaheim and you can go to the showroom and look at all the beautiful samples they have. When you find […]