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When looking for a hardwood flooring contractor in Orange County, Ca here are a few things to remember. First, you will always get what you pay for. If you are solely price driven, and looking for a very inexpensive price, then expect something somewhere to be inferior. Whether it is quality craftsmanship, lack luster products or cheap installation materials, you will pay in the long run. I was always taught that the bitterness of poor quality long remains after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten. This is so true!

I strive to supply and install top quality products, this really should be the only way. There are so many reasons why you will pay a much cheaper price. I will list a few. One, they don’t carry the proper insurances or are even licensed. Believe it or not, it is expensive to run an above board company in California, so people who cheat the system offer cheaper prices and when the installation fails 6 months down the road, these guys are no where to be found. Or, you will meet some yahoo that pays his employees/installers poorly rendering unhappy installers which transfers over into the work they perform on your home resulting in a hack and slash installation, that’s a term we use in the industry. Hack n slash artists we call them.

So when looking for a professional, licensed hardwood flooring contractor, going with the cheapest price bears a potential risk and can be much more costly don the road. Here at California Flooring Service, you can feel confident in knowing you came to the right place. Do it once and do it right, it’s your investment and make it a sound one. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Call me at 949-716-6611 for your hardwood flooring installation needs.

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