Epoxy Garage Floor Laguna Niguel

Epoxy garage floors in Laguna Niguel is just a phone call away. We specialize in epoxy floors for garages. Imagine having a beautiful, new Epoxy garage floor installed in one day and driving on it the next day. That can be a reality from California Flooring Service. We use Roll on Rock® revolutionary garage floor Epoxy systems. With more than 40,000,000 sq ft sold you can rest assured that you are getting a premium garage floor coating that will look great for years to come.     Call us today for your epoxy garage floor at 949-716-6611 and we will bring samples to your house. Most epoxy garage floors take only 1 day. Topic: Epoxy Garage Floor Laguna Niguel

Dragon Skin Anti Fracture Membrane

Installing an anti fracture membrane and waterproofing skin over your sub floor can make all the difference in the world to a lasting tile floor installation. At California Flooring Service we use Dragon Skin from Siena. Below I will discuss a little bit about the anti fracture/waterproofing product. Siena Dragon Skin is a premium, ready to use waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane, manufactured with a mixture of latex polymers and other proprietary additives to produce a high quality elastomeric barrier. Dragon Skin is easily applied using a trowel, a roller, paint brush or a sprayer. Dragon Skin is a light purple color when wet, and changes to a dark purple color to indicate when it is dry. Dragon Skin bonds to most surfaces, dries quickly and is ready to flood test in as little as 24 hours. Dragon Skin exceeds the requirements for ANSI A118.10 for waterproofing membranes and ANSI A118.12 for crack isolation. It can be use in residential, commercial, interior and exterior tile and stone installations. IAPMO has listed Siena Dragon Skin for use as a shower pan liner (IAPMO R&T, File # 6892).   Dragon Skin is used on recommended substrates as a barrier to water migration for load bearing thin set tile and stone installation, and as a crack isolation membrane used to prevent shrinkage or on-structural cracks up to 1/8” transmitting from the substrate through to the finished goods. Use polymer modified mortars meeting ANSI A118.4 or A118.11 for tile or stone installation over membrane. So, before having your tile or stone installed ask your contractor about this product. this can really make a difference to promoting the integrity of the installation.   Topic: Dragon Skin Anti Fracture Membrane/ Waterproof Membrane

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring Orange County

Naturally Aged Wood Flooring is a company in Orange County providing many different types of wood. one series in particular that I love is the Medallion Collection. The Medallion Collection is one of the newest, and best selling collections featuring 20 different styles of 7 ½” French Oak product featuring a sawn, 3MM ware layer with no maintenance required, and a UV polyurethane finish. Lightly wire brushed, with a mixture of colors, and character grades. Another attribute is that this is very reasonably priced. Now days with French Oak being very popular, a lot of manufacturer’s are charging an arm and a leg. Here is a photo of a wood flooring job in Corona Del Mar that we just finished with The Medallion Collection, color: Donar Oak

Marazzi Wood Look Tile Orange County

We just installed this Marazzi wood Look Tile in an Orange County House. The material is 9″ x 36″ and I have to say it looks absolutely amazing. Marazzi tile has a show room in Anaheim and you can go to the showroom and look at all the beautiful samples they have. When you find something you like, you can purchase the material and when it comes time for installation we will come pick it up the day of.   Marazzi’s Harmony’s modern exotic wood look lets you make your design passion your lifestyle expression. Four dramatically shaded wood effects reign on an extremely flat surface with a strong porcelain core. Harmony looks like wood but performs better – porcelain is impervious and withstands water as well as freezing conditions when most woods cannot.

Installing Tile Over Tile

I get asked time and time again, “Is installing tile over old tile ok?” The answer is no. If you do not want to go through the expense of tile demolition and deal with all the dust and have your project take longer than than you would like, then I have an answer for you. There is a great new product out there, not really new to us flooring contractors but fairly new to the public. It’s a primer by one of my favorite company’s in the flooring industry and it allows us to roll over your existing tile and within 1 hour we can start installing new tile. AMAZING!! so if you are looking to do a quick bathroom, kitchen, or even complete tile floor remodel, this may be an option worth exploring. Call me today at 949-716-6611 for a FREE over the phone consultation to discuss if this may be the approach needed for your project.   Topic: Installing Tile Over Existing Tile

Perfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In Orange County

Perfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In Orange County Are you selling your home in Orange County, Ca and looking for an inexpensive carpet to put in your home? Well I have the perfect carpet for you. We use a 100% Nylon 6 carpet that we buy in bulk and can offer awesome prices on the carpet, padding and installation. How about $2.99 per square foot for whole package? Well you can’t beat that with a baseball bat. Ha! So if you are doing a quick flip, or sprucing up a bit to sell or even if you have a rental, I have the perfect carpet solution for you. We will come in and remove all the old carpet and padding, clean the sub-floor and install new fresh 1/2″ 6lb. padding, install the carpet, vacuum it and haul everything away for a finish that is ready for furniture or staging and to achieve the objective in an economical way. Call me today for the perfect carpet for selling your home in Orange County, Ca. 949-716-6611 You can learn a little more about staging on the link below. Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market By: Barb Schwarz   Topic: Perfect Carpet For Selling Your Home In Orange County

European Oak That Will Not Break The Bank!

European Oak That Will Not Break The Bank! The latest in wood flooring trends lately is European Oak. While it is a beautiful look, it be quite pricey. There is one particular manufacturer that is making it relatively inexpensive to achieve this look. It is Provenza with the Heirloom Collection. In particular the Dover color. This floor looks amazing after installed. it also comes oiled already from the manufacturer saving you the expense of having to pay the installers to oil your floor after installed.  The Heirloom Collection are wire brushed, hand scraped, hand distressed, carbonized and smoked floors with a naturally beautiful UV Cured Oil finish. Heirloom… truly elegant hardwood floors for your home. So if you are looking for the European Oak look, take a peak at the Provenza Heirloom Collection, you will be happy you did. Call me today for your FREE in home estimate. Topic: European Oak That Will Not Break The Bank

Hardwood Flooring Installation In Orange County, Ca

Installing Hardwood Flooring In Orange County, Ca Hardwood Flooring can be a relatively simple home improvement project even for a novice homeowner in Orange County, Ca. Focus on putting tile in your kitchen and bathrooms and replace your carpet with hardwood flooring. Home improvement stores have a wealth of information about how to make this process easy for you to complete. If your home improvement project involves moving appliances or other furniture in your house, make sure to put something down to protect your floors. Particularly if you have existing hardwood flooring, taking out large items can make a big mess and scratch up your flooring. Taking a few minutes to protect your floors can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are thinking of changing the flooring or carpet in your home, go with hardwood flooring. Hardwood is much easier to clean that carpet. It is also very strong and durable and looks attractive. Another advantage of hardwood is that it can be refinished from time to time depending on the style, so it can always appear to be brand new! Are you tired of vinyl and carpeting? Maybe it is time to install those hardwood floors that you know will last a lifetime and beautify your home. Hardwood floors are elegant and tasteful, and they are easy to maintain. Nice hardwood flooring shines and speaks volume about the value of your home. Well, hopefully the collection of tips were enough to give you a great start on what to do and expect when it comes to improving your own home. This collection was carefully constructed to be an aid in your arsenal so that you can begin to hone your home improvement skills into doing great and safe improvement jobs. If this task seems to large for you to tackle, contact us today at 949-716-6611. Topic: Hardwood Flooring In Orange County, Ca

QuickStep Reclaimé Collection Product Review | Quickstep Reclaime Collection

The QuikStep Reclaimé Collection features the visual charm of a time-worn, reclaimed hardwood floor. Choose from planks reminiscent of vintage wood, weathered by time and the elements or planks with “skip-sawn” texturing – nostalgic hallmarks of historic craftsmanship when wood was cut by hand. Reclaimé is the newest collection of laminate flooring planks from QuickStep. Let the time worn charm of Reclaimé Laminate planks remind you of vintage flooring planks with both its texture and unique appearance. I absolutely love this laminate flooring and you will too. Contact me today to bring samples to your home. Topic: QuikStep Reclaimé

Arizona Tile Savannah Honey Porcelain Wood Look Tile

The Savannah Series is a rectified color body porcelain. This tile is absolutely beautiful and looks amazingly real. It is the synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic research. Giving the appearance of visual perfection and the elegance of clean, welcoming ambiances, the Savannah Series reflects the soul of wood with its timeless beauty and silent perfect lines. Because this material is a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. Savannah Series is available in three sizes and six colors. Numerous patterns can be created with the available sizes. When installing rectangular tiles 15 inches or longer with a staggered joint, industry standard is that the offset should not exceed 33%. Piece to piece variation in shade or color are inherent in all fired clay products; therefore, it is recommended to mix tiles from several boxes at a time during installation to achieve the best range of color. When mixing sizes within a series, shade, texture and calibration differences should be expected. This series is suitable for residential and commercial applications.   For proper bonding, medium bed mortar should be used when installing tiles with a dimensional length greater than 15”, and rectangular shape and plank tile, per industry standards. Proper thin-set coverage is also necessary, and in some cases, back buttering of tile may be required. I cannot say enough good things about this particular tile and look. We have installed thousands of sqft. of this material and it seriously looks AWESOME! I can highly recommend this product and look with 100% confidence that you will love it. You can learn more about it here Topic: Arizona Tile Savannah Honey Porcelain Wood Look Tile